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​​​​​​We believe superior performance is achievable by selecting stocks from as wide a universe as possible. We also believe successful portfolios should not be subject to forced sector diversification, but should allow their sector weights to differ considerably from the index.

  • The portfolio is more concentrated than the average industry comparable, and will generally hold just 20-25 stocks at any given time
  • Portfolio holdings are equally weighted, since we believe that an investment shouldn’t be underweighted simply due to the company’s size or how frequently its shares trade
  • Industry exposures are allowed to climb as high as 25-30% per sector before they are eventually capped for the purpose of risk management
  • Dividends are reinvested into the strategy
  • We carefully monitor each holding in the portfolio and use strict trimming rules to maintain appropriate position sizes

​​​​Sector Allocation

​​​​Portfolio Construction