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​​​​We believe it is imperative to understand the performance characteristics of each of the metrics that we use in our strategies in isolation before we combine them into a model:

  • Our process begins with analyzing dozens of financial ratios, and identifying those metrics that deliver the highest risk-adjusted returns
  • This list of top-performing factors can change through time, so it’s critical to monitor their efficacy in isolation as well as their interaction on a regular basis
  • Using logic and iteration, it’s possible to determine the optimal combination of 6-8 of these factors at any given time in terms of generating the highest level of return for a given level of risk
  • We only make changes to our model after we've fully tested the impact of a modification, and any changes must:

​​​​​​Key Factors


  1. Make sense to us and be logical
  2. Fit in with the investment theme of the strategy at a high level
  3. Improve the overall track record of the model