​​​​​​​The most important part of our investment strategy is that we strictly follow a discipline that's proven effective at generating a consistently high risk-adjusted returns over the long term

  • As a result of the All-Cap nature of the strategy, liquidity is important to us and for this reason we invest solely in the most actively traded ~500 stocks in Canada
  • ​The Canadian universe is ranked based on a combination of 6-8 of the best performing investment factors at any given time
  • ​Buys are always selected from the top of the list, and at times the portfolio may move into cash if there aren't a sufficient number of qualifying buys to replace names that are sold
  • Industry exposure is not managed strictly at the sector level, and for this reason the portfolio may be considerably overweight or underweight relative to each group's respective representation in the S&P/TSX Composite
  • ​Stocks are sold from the portfolio if:


  1. Their composite rank in the strategy drops below the sell threshold
  2. ​They trigger a trailing stop loss

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​​​​Investment Process